I have so many feels about running man and kwang soo these days ... help me !!

I’m sorry dear. I can’t help you. Once you enter the running man fandom, you can never escape you are trapped here forever. And please prepare yourself for all the feels in the future.



44/50 of Lee Kwang Soo


National Mourning Day in Malaysia today 22.08.2014 …welcome home for the #1 group of MH17 victims (20 bodies)

jongkook’s ice bucket challenge nominated by kwangsoo
nominating ha donghoon, cha taehyun & jang hyuk [x]


[2014.08.21] Kim Jong Kook with Ice Bucket Challenge

Finally he nominated Ha Dong Hoon, Cha Tae Hyun and Jang Hyuk :)

Source urbanworks's YTB